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Thanks to our expansive know-how and purposeful engagement, Daetwyler SwissTec can master every printing problem. From drying up due to incorrect cylinder temperatures to ink voids due to dust or other contaminants, up to ink spots due to holes - Daetwyler SwissTec offers a multitude of solutions. Imprint pressure, fine-tuning and correct mounting: the professional experts are happy to share their knowledge and will be by your side with advice and more. This ensures perfect results even with the most complex printing processes.

MDC doctor blades help avoid all manner of issues including ink spitting, bleeding, dot loss/gain, ghosting effect, uneven ink layer, streaks and chattering marks.

Ink spitting
Vertical streaks
Horizontal streaks
Uneven ink layer
Ghosting effect
Ink density is too low
Dot gain
Ink density is too high
Halo effect
Other problems?

In combination with the right set-up, the MDC doctor blades can help avoid all manner of printing issues including hazing, unsmooth gradients, drag outs, flaws, chattering marks, ink streaks and spots.

Unsmooth gradient
Drying up
Chattering marks
Drag outs
Ink streaks
Missing dots
Voids (spots)
Cylinder wear
Other problems?

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